Lily Donaldson

Lily Monica Donaldson[2] (born 27 January 1987) is a British model.

Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Kety Perry, Nicki Minaj and Fergie: in music Judgement

Britney Spears joined "X-Factor" as a judge and that is final. On the other side other singing divas are on a race to show their versatile quality what they think. The divas are Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Fergie and all are in the running to be cast on "American Idol" as judges, according to a report. Along with the female pop stars, Adam Lambert and are also being considered by "Idol" bosses as new blood for the show, E! online reports. The Web site says that producers want Jennifer Lopez to return as a judge, but she has not committed.

"No one has signed any contracts yet and producers are currently putting out feelers and setting up meetings to see who they can get," an "Idol" insider told E! "We won't know if Randy [Jackson] and Steven [Tyler] are returning until they see who else is on board."
E! reports that "American Idol" brass agree they want Lopez back. But that the singer has said via Twitter she hasn't made up her mind whether she'll return for another season.
Producers of the show, "would like to breathe some new (possibly younger) life into the series to compete with 'X Factor,' which recently cast Britney Spears and Demi Lovato." 

Celebrity Makeover Games For Women

Celebrity Makeover Games For Women

Every one of us is fascinated by the celebrities. The movie stars are very amazing. Their styles and glamour leaves us astonished. Whereas watching a movie in the theatre one would rarely move his eyes aloof from the screen. If he will thus he would miss the glimpses of his favorite star. Nothing is a lot of necessary for the die-hard fans other than their stars. Some fans create exclusive collections of their favorite stills, some have their collections of movies and a few dress like them. Some wear their outfits like the celebrities. Each one in all them wants to possess something common with their favorites. Individuals amendment their hairstyles when a brand new film is released. Several people shaved their heads so as to mimic their favorite stars like Vin Diesel and Bruce Wills.
A brand new vogue of attachment with the celebrity is by the suggests that of online flash games. These games are the result of the inventive and innovative ideas of the programmers. There is an entire bunch of web sites that provides the youngsters with many wonderful flash games online. There are varied types of such games available free of value on the internet. The list includes games like cooking games that teach youngsters to cook, scary games that provide you the goose bumps sensation, games stuffed with adventure and thrill that keeps you still at your sitting place, games for boys and games for girls that comprises of games like the fantasy games, the dress up games, the celebrity build over games, etc. These are free games accessible in many languages like Chinese, Arabic, English, Japanese, Spanish, French, etc. These are academic and will teach the kids a ton if used properly and below guidance. These require special flash software
to run. However nowadays most the computers have them inbuilt at the time of buying. These games are academic that doesn't mean the kids don`t would like the necessary faculty education. These are like further data gaining tools required in this contemporary world.
This in flip keeps the kids a step previous the varied facts and makes them attentive to things going on around them. For instance the games primarily based on tourism and travel updates the kid`s information about various places of the world. The games associated to area and technology brings child`s interest within the growing technology. Yes but there's yet one more thing to keep in mind that every time you do not have to consider data typically the youngsters must enjoy and have some fun. The games that are basically the tools of recreation relax the child`s minds when the laborious work they are doing at school. The celebrity games includes a selection of web sites that provides games like dressing up celebrity dolls, many contests relating to the favourite stars, and thus on. The ladies will dress the dolls just like the celebrity or can establish which one amongst them resembles the foremost with the TV stars. People will make their own wardrobes or assortment of outfi ts on these sites.

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Dick Van Dyke (and Mary Tyler Moore behind him)

Dick Van Dyke (and Mary Tyler Moore behind him)

Check out these celebrity outfits images:

Dick Van Dyke (and Mary Tyler Moore behind him) celebrity outfits
Image by Alan Light Photo taken at the 40th Emmy Awards, August 1988 - Rehearsal - Mary Tyler Moore's back can be seen behind Dick Van Dyke. She is wearing a sailor outfit - Permission granted to copy, publish or post but please credit "photo by Alan Light" if you can

Blair Butler, Stormtrooper celebrity outfits
Image by Mirka23 Comics reporter for G4's Attack of the Show!, getting her stormtrooper outfit checked. From Comic-con 2006, San Diego.

Great outfit celebrity outfits
Image by Alaskan Dude At the end of May each year there is a great Carnaval in San Francisco's Mission District. It is a big celebration of Central and South American cultures as well as some San Francisco humor. The parade is awesome - it lasts for over three hours with groups in great costumes, a lot of dancers, bands, performers, celebrities, and people in native outfits - all in all very worth going to. I took these photos in May 2012; I missed the 2013 parade but really hope to be back for the 2014 edition!

Nice Celebrity Fashion photos

Nice Celebrity Fashion photos

Some cool celebrity fashion images:

Queen Sabine Mondestin at a film event Red Carpet celebrity fashion
Image by Sabine Mondestin

Penelope celebrity fashion
Image by Ana Gremard Penelope Cruz

Queen Sabine Mondestin Soft Focus Headshoot celebrity fashion
Image by Sabine Mondestin Actress Queen Sabine Mondestin soft focus headshoot.